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If you work in restaurants or bars and want to learn more about workplace mental health – this is the course for you. It is a great first step in gaining more information and developing your support skills. Have you ever noticed a team member struggling, but didn’t know how to help them?

7Shifts Academy is hosting a Free Course About Mental Health in Restaurants in partnership with Not 9 to 5.  Hassel Aviles, Not 9 to 5 Executive Director, will take you through free mental health training for the restaurant industry

Learn the signs that someone is dealing with a hard time and find out steps you can take to create a safer workplace.

Click here to register for the free course now! 

Course outline of Not 9 to 5 Mental Health in Restaurants Course at 7shifts Academy 🎓

❗️Top Mental Health Concerns in Restaurants
🤕 Burnout vs. Stress
🌫️ Substance Use
🏳️‍🌈 Equity and Inclusion
👥 Leadership Support
Mental Health Course – Quiz
📚 Further Reading + Resources
Sign up now at 7shifts Academy to learn how to support your team’s well-being 🧡

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