NOT 9 To 5



In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Not 9 to 5 created this Mental Health Hospitality Coalition of leaders and organizations to unite in solidarity around wanting to provide mental wellness support for the hospitality, food and beverage industry. With millions of jobs lost across the world this year, the existing high rates of mental health crisis and substance use in the hospitality sector will only intensify to catastrophic levels if left unaddressed.

This many people suffering in silence is alarming and the potential impact is dangerous and devastating. The aim of the coalition is to unite us, avoid this work being done in silos and reach across every area of our industry and community.


The purpose of the Mental Health Hospitality Coalition is to unite in solidarity around wanting to provide mental wellness support for the hospitality and foodservice industry. This coalition of global partners believes developing online assets and training modules will ensure the industry’s most vulnerable can access help and support for all worldwide, especially in this time of great loss and uncertainty.

The Mental Health Hospitality Coalition is an organization of international industry associations, non-profits, companies and leaders created to collaborate and share ideas and best practices with allied groups in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and beyond.

Benefits & Responsibilities:

  • Work towards collaboration and co-promotion.
  • Use our Slack channel as an online space to communicate, seek support and share resources.
  • Unite our organizations to create a much greater impact; move away from operating in silos.
  • Contribute value to each other’s platforms and respective audiences.

If you’re interested in joining our coalition, please reach out to us at

In Solidarity

Hassel Aviles, Executive Director, Not 9 to 5 Organization (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Patrick Mulvaney, I Got Your Back Org, Mulvaneyโ€™s (Sacramento, CA, USA)

Laura Green, Healthy Pour (Chicago, IL, USA)

Jessica Cruz, National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), (Sacramento, CA, USA)

Katherine Miller, James Beard Foundation, (New York City, NYC, USA)ย 

Colleen Vincent, Black Food Folks (New York City, NYC, USA)ย 

Clay Williams, Black Food Folks (New York City, NYC, USA)

J.C. Rainville, Remise en Place (Montreal, QC, Canada)

David McMillan, Joe Beef, Remise en Place (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Glenda Ann Robertson, Co-founder, Kitchens 4 Missions (Newfoundland, Canada)

Dyson Forbes, Food & Wine Navigator (Toronto, ON, Canada)

John Sinopoli, Save Hospitality Canada, Ascari Hospitality Group (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Shoel Davidson, Mind the Bar Foundation (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Kyla Tuori, Fair Kitchens (Canadian branch ofย  Unilever Food Solutions)

Erin Boyle, Culinary Hospitality Outreach Wellness โ€“ CHOW (Denver, CO, USA)

Kris Hall, The Burnt Chef Project (Somerset, UK)

John Reyna, Texas Hospitality & Non-profit Law Centerย PLLC (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, USA)ย 

Deborah Friend Wilson, Deborah Friend Wilson Consulting (Seattle, WA, USA)ย 

Darren Cheverie, In The Weeds (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Rachel Kerr-Lapsley, Kelly’s Cause Foundation (London, UK)

Mariam (Mo) Abdullah, Culture Energized LLC (Denver, CO, USA)

Alex Jump & Lauren Paylor, FOH (Chicago, IL & Denver, CO, USA)

Mony Bunni, Lauren Kelton & Kristina Magro, Support Staff (Chicago, IL, USA)

E. Arnett – Graham, Terms of Service (Chicago, IL, USA)

Joel Rivas, HEARD (San Antonio, TX, USA)

Elle Jarvis – Founder, โ€‹In The Weeds (Boston, MA, USA)

Kaitlin Doucette, Montreal Restaurant Workers Relief Fund (Montreal, QC, CAN)ย 

Jensen Cummings, Best Served Creative (Denver, Colorado, USA)

Ishwariya Rajamohan, Love Letters to Chefs (London, England)

Maria Campbell, Cooks Who Care Inspire (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA )ย 

Zia Sheikh, Restaurant After Hours (NYC, New York, USA)

Tim Etherington-Lodge, Healthy Hospo(London, England)

Mimi Lan,ย  Taste Curator & Food is Religion (Florida, USA)ย 

Angelo Largares, LARA (New York City, New York, USA)

Truett ‘Blaine’ Bailey, In The Weeds (Durango, Colorado, USA)

Mary Stewart, The Monarch (New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, CAN)

Kisha Washington, CookzCreed Foundation (Winchester, VA, USA)

Adam Lamb, Chef Life Radio (Blue RIdge Mountains, North Carolina, USA)ย 

Andy Robertson, Cougar Hospitality (Welland, Ontario, CAN)ย 

Tristin Rogers, Project Mise En Place (Albuquerque, NM, USA)ย 

Jon Rennie, Odd Duckย Wine and Provisions (Kitchener, ON, Canada)

Kaitlynn Mockett, Giving Kitchen (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Sarah Webster-Norton, Serving Those Serving (Saint Paul, MN, USA)