Like our name, ‘Not 9 to 5’ indicates- hospitality is its own unique industry with its own unique lifestyle. Support with hospitality workers in mind, brings the level of lived experience and industry-specific understanding required to help and support us through our mental health and substance use challenges.



Mind the Bar Foundation (Vancouver, British Columbia)

provides information and support resources for those in the hospitality industry who are struggling with depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, substance abuse, addiction, or workplace harassment.

The Full Plate (Toronto, Ontario)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing essential services to promote overall well-being within the industry.

Kitchens 4 Missions (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

Kitchens 4 Missions is an online resource and “food philanthropy” event, we work to raise funds for accessible counselling services and normalize conversations about mental wellness.​

Remise En Place (Montreal, Quebec)

Not-for-profit initiative from Joe Beef and hospitality industry friends to provide help with addiction issues in the hospitality industry. A welcoming and helping point of entry for those in the hospitality industry and their loved ones, who want help.

In The Weeds (Edmonton, Alberta)

In the Weeds exists to help create a movement that supports positive mental health in Edmonton’s hospitality community.


Healthy Pour is an organization that provides consultation and education to bars, restaurants, hotels, brands, non-profit organizations and therapists regarding mental health and support of individuals working in and around the hospitality industry.

I Got Your Back has a goal to provide restaurants and workers tools and skills to identify and talk about mental health issues in a safe environment that encourages people to seek the help they may need.

Restaurant After Hours

Advocates for mental health awareness by being a voice for those suffering in silence to spread a message of hope and support. Their website offers a thorough list of resources for mental health and substance use challenges. Every Tuesday Restaurant After Hours will be going virtual with an online support group for hospitality professionals.

CHOW (Culinary Hospitality Outreach and Wellness)

CHOW is an organization of individuals employed in the hospitality industry who support each others’ mental wellness through shared stories, learned skills and available resources.

James Beard Foundation highlights organizations, groups, and resources that are working widely as well as specifically within the food community on issues around sobriety and mental health.

Open For Good is the James Beard Foundation’s campaign to help independent restaurants survive this crisis, rebuild better, and thrive for the long term. The mission is to support a diverse community of professionals shaping the future of food and hospitality.

Cooks Who Care is a community-minded food industry group working to develop a supportive network for forward-thinking food and beverage leaders.

Focus on Health provides hospitality professionals with the tools and resources to better their lives through health and wellness education, programming and outreach.

Ben’s Friends is the food and beverage industry support group offering hope, fellowship, and a path forward to professionals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.


Love Letters to Chefs is an educational platform to empower chefs in aspiring towards and achieving a better quality of life.

Launched in May 2019 The Burnt Chef Project was setup with the sole intention of eradicating mental health stigma within hospitality, now also offers crisis text support and training.

Healthy Hospo is a not-for-profit organisation with the dream of a healthier, happier hospitality industry.


CNECTing is the world’s first mental health educational platform designed for the hospitality industry. Created for us by us.

We distribute educational content to develop your mental health and substance use support skills while bringing the community together.

CNECTing stands for Change Needs Everyone Coming Together. Join now!

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