Thanks to your support we’re able to continue creating resources for the hospitality community that experience mental health and substance use challenges.

To make a contribution, please email us directly and we’ll share our donation form. You can reach us at and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

There were high rates of mental health crisis and substance use before the pandemic and our industry is one of the hardest hit. Any size donation goes a long way towards creating access to care and industry-specific resources and support.

When you make a donation to Not 9 to 5, you are joining hundreds of donors across the globe who generously support our programs through fundraising and volunteering. Thank you for your time and contribution!

Future Research:ย ย 

We aim to fill the gap in research and data on industry-specific mental health and substance use. Donations go toward developing this hospitality focused content through conducting surveys and interviews across a global scale, with a focus on intersectionality and increasing BIPOC community response and data.ย 

Community Building:ย 

The most integral way to grow as an organization is to build rapport and trust within the community. Donations will go toward our future goals of translating content into multiple languages to make it more accessible to a wider audience, and host monthly events for the hospitality community.

Practical Education:ย 

Through our CNECTing platform, we educate and train in mental health and substance use support skills.ย  Our course Primary Concerns was developed to help identify, understand and respond to crisis situations. Our CNECTed Certification Program was developed to educate, train and certify employees and employers on what it means to operate and work in a psychologically safe workplace. With more funding, we can create more courses and educational resources for the hospitality industry.ย