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Not 9 to 5 is a non-profit global leader in mental health advocacy and training for the hospitality and culinary industry. Through practical education and courses like our CNECTed certification course we are breaking stigmas and fuelling hope.

Our vision is physical and psychological safety for everyone. Since 2018, Not 9 to 5  has been advocating to normalize mental health education and training, workplace accommodations, healthcare benefits, support and resources for all industry professionals.

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Not 9 to 5 is for hospitality professionals at any point in their careers – from culinary students to part-time bartenders, to executives of a corporate chain.


As an employee, you don’t always have control over the resources provided to you by your workplace. The stigma around mental health and substance use challenges doesn’t help either. Not 9 to 5 offers resources, education, community building, and support for you to take care of your own mental health. We also encourage you to direct your colleagues and coworkers who may be struggling. You are not alone. Being supported and informed gives you the tools to cope and manage.

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Whether you’re a manager or an owner, employers have a responsibility to cultivate a psychologically safe work environment for their staff. Workplaces that avoid discussion of mental health issues are more prone to absenteeism, internal conflicts, and attrition. With resources and education through Not 9 to 5, you can be proactive in providing your workplace and team with the tools they need. Faced with the current labour shortage, there has never been a more important time to invest in your employees.

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Culinary and hospitality management students are the future of our industry. By making mental health a priority with tools and resources not afforded to previous generations, students have the opportunity to break the cycle of emotional suppression, abuse and burnout. The status quo that has existed for so long does not need to be upheld simply because it’s all some of us have known.

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Corporations, including restaurant groups, have the opportunity to reach large audiences through their employees including culinary, front of house, management, and head office staff. By investing in mental health and substance use support training, and learning how to foster psychological safety in your organization, you are improving not only the work experience, but the lives of your team. As some of the biggest employers in our industry, putting the mental health of your corporation’s staff first can have the largest impact.

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People are being challenged like never before and the hospitality industry is one of the hardest hit. No one is unaffected by mental and physical health challenges, racial inequity, financial and employment uncertainty and more. Not 9 to 5 has curated a list of resources we’ve found immensely helpful and we hope you do too. Please share this list of resources and remember it is a work-in-progress and regularly updated. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us at, thank you!

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CNECTing is the world’s first mental health educational platform designed for the hospitality industry. Created for us by us. It’s free to register, join today!

Our courses were designed to help you develop mental health and substance use support skills while bringing the community together. 

CNECTing stands for Change Needs Everyone Coming Together. We all play a role in creating the meaningful change we want to see in restaurants and beyond. 

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